You are the bad guy! You want to stop the hero from passing the level.

You will have to rewind time to stop the hero


WASD to not move, an AI controlls the game

Space to save rewind point


Developer and SFX:

Slim Bun




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Yeah also doesn't load for me... It must be really sad for you. After the rating period is over, upload newer version and reply to this comment so I can play it when it works

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I am really sorry everyone for the inconvenience. I forgot to do something, and now the game doesn't load. Unfortunately I can't edit my submission  

Waited 3 minutes. Doesn't load for me either.

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Are you using the newest version of unity? I had the same loading problem too until I found someone who said that turning of compression fixes it, and it worked for me, hope this helps.

"Compression format"

Unfortunately like these guys it stalls at the load screen

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Stalls at loading screen.

this idea is wonderful ...but i sucked at load screen

It doesn't seem to load for me either

Its not loading

The concept sounds fun but the game doesn't load for me :(